Des Moines International Airport officials announced that the airport’s A Concourse has been temporarily closed, effective today. “We have made this decision in collaboration with our airline partners to ensure minimal impact on their operations,” airport spokeswoman Kayla Kovarna said in an emailed statement. “With low passenger traffic in the terminal, it is a proactive decision. This move provides a sterilized concourse for contingency planning while also giving our maintenance team full access to the A-side for enhanced maintenance projects and routine jet bridge repairs. The decision also creates efficiencies with airport staffing, including a decrease in janitorial needs.” All seven gates on the C-side are in operation; the A Concourse will remain closed until passenger demand returns and airlines need the additional gates, Kovarna said. The Des Moines Airport Authority has not had any layoffs or furloughs of its employees at this point, nor are there any planned in the immediate future, she said.