Des Moines International Airport has opened up space south of the terminal for airlines to park planes as air traffic declines because of the coronavirus pandemic. Kayla Kovarna, an airport spokesperson, said about 60 spots were identified as the airport operations team began working to find places to park aircraft. As of today, 13 aircraft, all operated by Delta, were parked on the south cargo apron at the airport, Kovarna said. “There are multiple spaces that can accommodate any aircraft from any organization, and we are doing our best to be that resource,” she said. Kovarna said there are many airports across the country that provide similar services to airlines. The rate for parking is $90-$100 a day, depending on the size of the aircraft, and Kovarna said the airport may review the fee as it considers how it can best help airlines that serve the Des Moines community during these challenging times. “Every airport is looking for ways to be a strong partner with airlines that serve our communities,” Kovarna said.