The COVID-19 global pandemic has resulted in an increase in food insecure Iowans across the state. To help feed the growing need, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation donated $100,000 to the Iowa Food Bank Association on April 9 and announced a contribution match of up to $500 to each of Iowa’s county Farm Bureaus through April 24. A total of 203 donations were made to food pantries across the state, with county Farm Bureaus contributing more than $60,000. With matching funds from IFBF, more than 1 million meals were provided to Iowans in need. The Iowa Food Bank Association is experiencing four times the number of new requests for food due to COVID-19-related temporary business closures; the organization is 99% funded through private and public donations. Because the majority of food bank volunteers are seniors who are in the “at-risk” category for COVID-19 and have not been able to assist, volunteers are needed to help package food for seniors and families. For more information about how to help, visit the association’s website.