Travel and tourism organizations in the Midwest have joined together to promote each other to help families get away virtually during times of social distancing. Catch Des Moines, Visit KC, Meet Minneapolis, Experience Sioux Falls and Visit Omaha are collaborating to raise awareness of the travel industry and destinations in the region this week, during National Travel and Tourism Week. “Families are looking for new ideas and creative ways to be entertained during a time when it’s important to practice social distancing,” said Greg Edwards, president and CEO, of Catch Des Moines, who created a new video series called “SOFASeeing” specifically for National Travel and Tourism Week. “If you can’t visit us right now, we’ll come to you and inspire you to travel later.” The travel and tourism industry generates about $2.2 billion each year for the Des Moines area, and that sector of the economy has been hit hard because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each city has created its own virtual vacation, and using social media, they are encouraging their residents to enjoy the photography, videos and digital offerings from the other cities. View all the Midwest virtual vacation materials at: