The Greater Des Moines Partnership has released more DSM Forward industry-specific playbooks devoted to helping businesses and industries prepare for next steps related to economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The four additional industry areas covered are manufacturing; nonprofits; events, arts and culture; and hotels. The DSM Forward playbooks include recommendations — leveraging international, national, state and local sources and following federal, state and local public health official recommendations — to help guide businesses and organizations as they determine pathways toward the future. The new playbooks add to the five industry-specific playbooks published last week: child care, gyms, personal services, restaurants and retail. DSM Forward also includes professional business function playbooks with takeaways that are specific to professional functions that could be present in any business, regardless of industry. The playbooks are meant to provide guidelines and recommendations. They are not prescriptive, nor do they include specific timelines, as each organization is unique.