At last week’s Power Breakfast, we heard about broadband, how you can help local hotels, the rise of telehealth and even the “pandemic pineapple,” thanks to speaker Deidre DeJear, owner of Caleo Enterprises. The action-packed event included nine speakers, all leaders in their respective industries across the region and state. 

“The message that I have today is very, very simple,” DeJear said. “Because COVID has forced us to have to consider rebuilding, and rebuilding in an intentional way, my suggestion is that we do it together. This is nothing new to any of us. … Now is the time that we can do it in an intentional way. And that way looks like us bringing the usual and the unusual suspects together. That way looks like us challenging ourselves to bring people who are impacted by this, sharing their stories, so we can better learn how to cope through this COVID pandemic.” 

Hear DeJear’s full comments here

Hear all nine speakers’ full comments here:
Jay Byers, CEO, Greater Des Moines Partnership 
Jessie Cruise, university relations consultant, Principal; president, Young Professionals Connection 
Deidre DeJear, owner, Caleo Enterprises 
Debi Durham, director, Iowa Economic Development Authority and the Iowa Finance Authority
Greg Edwards, president and CEO, Catch Des Moines
Dr. Tom Evans, president and CEO, Iowa Healthcare Collaborative
Adam Gregg, lieutenant governor for the state of Iowa
Kristi Knous, president, Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
Stephanie Moris, director, Refugee Alliance of Central Iowa

You can register for free to re-watch the entire event on demand here.