The Insurance Information Institute has launched an information campaign with a focus on “ensuring the insurance industry is able to sustain its longstanding role as the country’s backbone of economic growth and stability” amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Future of American Insurance & Reinsurance (FAIR) campaign seeks to address threats to the industry from “growing calls to retroactively alter insurance policies, cover the economic cost of widespread closures, and adjust workers’ compensation criteria, among other new developments,” the organization said in a release. “While the insurance industry has been doing its part to step up and support their communities in this time of crisis, pandemics are fundamentally uninsurable events,” Sean Kevelighan, the institute’s CEO, said in a statement. “The federal government remains the only entity with the financial resources to help businesses recover from a systemic event of this magnitude.” Any attempts to make insurers retroactively responsible for a global pandemic puts the solvency of many insurers at risk, the institute said. Visit for more information.