By Emily Blobaum, contributor and Emily Barske, associate editor

Time kind of stands still and it’s hard to disconnect. This response from one of the people who answered the Business Record’s survey on family and gender issues amid the coronavirus pandemic is one almost all of us can certainly relate to. But we may be feeling this in different ways depending on our profession, family status and gender identity. 

Research and news coverage of work-life balance across the United States are showing time and again that the pandemic is causing an increased strain on individuals, and creating new challenges for family units and relationships. While not scientific, our survey gives us a glimpse of some of the key family and gender issues facing our region and state in this time of crisis. Some of the biggest challenges our respondents indicated were: 

  • Feeling strain on relationships from too much time with those you live with.
  • Having to be apart from loved ones you would normally see.
  • Mental health challenges.
  • Imbalanced emotional labor.
  • Imbalance of gender in leadership.

Each respondent described unique situations they’re coping with, but common themes were evident. Responses were also so compelling that we felt one story could not show the wide impact of these issues. This introductory piece is one in a series of five stories, which will publish once weekly, about family and gender issues amid the pandemic. The series will cover parenting, work-life balance, relationships with partners and financial well-being. In the series, we talk with experts about these topics and give you a glimpse into the lives of individuals in our region who are coping with these challenges.

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