More than 7,000 students at Iowa State University applied for assistance because of hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic, with an average grant award of $1,400 going to eligible students, the university announced this week. About 6,000 students have received assistance. Another 1,300 applications are still being reviewed, officials at ISU said. The university received $10.8 million in federal CARES Act funding to help students cover the costs of food, rent, child care and technology. About $7.8 million has already been distributed, according to Financial Aid Director Roberta Johnson. The application process closed May 22. Students who did not qualify were helped thanks to $40,000 in donations to the #CycloneStrong campaign, with the athletic department contributing $134,000 to the university’s completion grant program, according to a news release. Johnson said the need has far exceeded available funding, and that her team has tried to help as many students as possible complete their spring semester. About 3,000 students at the University of Northern Iowa received $2,200 through CARES Act funding. The application deadline at the University of Iowa was May 22, but no information on the distribution of funds was available yet, officials at the university said.