U.S. commercial property insurers will likely pay property damage losses resulting from the civil unrest in cities across the country, but business interruption loss calculations will be complicated by ongoing issues with coronavirus lockdowns, according to a Business Insurance article. Insurers will likely base business interruption claims payments on projected income rather than past income, according to experts, which will be reduced for many policyholders due to business closures related to COVID-19. Property damage to businesses arising from riots, civil commotion and vandalism, as well as fire, is covered under most commercial property policies and business owners policies, according to the Insurance Information Institute in New York. However, the “fact patterns” surrounding individual businesses affected by both COVID-19 shutdowns and rioting will dictate how business interruption coverage plays out, Mike Rouse, New York-based U.S. property practice leader for Marsh LLC, told Business Insurance. “If a location has been closed for the past number of weeks because of COVID-19, that could be a concern with what the potential business interruption exposure is,” Rouse said.