Toilet paper maker Cottonelle is donating 69,000 rolls of toilet paper to the United Way of Central Iowa. Officials with the local United Way say the Food Bank of Iowa will help distribute the donated toilet paper to other United Ways and partner programs throughout the state. The Des Moines Area Religious Council will also collect rolls of tissue for its pantries, and volunteers from the United Way of Central Iowa’s Labor Partners will be distributing toilet paper to 15 child care centers that partner with Women United. The shipment will be distributed between 7 and 9 a.m. on Thursday at the Food Bank of Iowa, 2220 E. 17th St. in Des Moines. The donation is part  of Cottonelle’s initial donation of $1 million and 1 million rolls of toilet paper. It also is in addition to the #ShareASquare program in which the company donated $1 to United Way Worldwide, up to $100,000, for every time the hashtag was shared on social media.