Polk County supervisors this afternoon voted to immediately lift a curfew that had been in place in the county since Sunday after protests against the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis turned violent.

Board Chairman Matt McCoy, in a statement read before the unanimous vote by supervisors, said the 9 p.m. curfew was being rescinded after two nights of peaceful protests and after consultation with the county’s mayors.

“We trust protesters to continue this important work in a peaceful manner and look forward to engaging in further dialogue and advancing the cause of racial justice,” McCoy said. 

He cautioned that if more violence occurs, “we stand ready to respond in an appropriate manner.”

On Friday, protesters threw rocks and other objects at downtown businesses and public buildings, breaking numerous windows. Similar damage occurred Saturday night, prompting the supervisors on Sunday to implement the curfew.

During this afternoon’s supervisors’ meeting, which was held virtually, several people who were listening to the proceedings online made comments that “property damage is not violence.”