Research and news coverage of work-life balance across the country are showing time and again that the coronavirus pandemic is causing an increased strain on individuals, and creating new challenges for family units and relationships. A survey of Business Record readers showed this is no different for our audience. But we may be feeling this in different ways depending on our profession, family status and gender identity. Join us for a panel discussion about some of the key family and gender issues our respondents indicated they are facing in the pandemic, including:

– Feeling strain on relationships from too much time with those you live with.

– Having to be apart from loved ones you would normally see.

– Mental health challenges.

– Imbalanced emotional labor.

– Imbalance of gender in leadership.


Tiffany O’Donnell – Women Lead Change

David Steenson – The Changing Point Counseling Center

Courtney Reyes – One Iowa

Denise Oles-Acevedo – Iowa State University