Cedar Rapids Gazette: Iowa broke the record for the highest number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients more than once last week. The spike in new novel coronavirus cases in recent weeks has driven a record number of sick patients into hospitals across the state. Local hospital officials report the vast majority of cases were a result of community spread — but not as a result of super spreader events or in public spaces such as restaurants or schools. That is, their patients were exposed during large family gatherings, such as weddings. “Even my patients that have done a fantastic job of protecting themselves, they’re still going out and doing some things,” Myers said. “It’s not going to a bar — they’re going to see their family. That’s really tough when you can’t see your family.” Iowans likely are becoming lax in following social-distancing recommendations and taking more risks. “You can clearly tell that citizens are tiring of the pandemic and are tiring of the safety hazards,” Gunasekaran said.