Cedar Rapids Gazette: The arrival of COVID-19 in March immediately affected the fiscal year budgets of Iowa’s public universities — which were entering the fourth quarter — including athletics and housing revenue, according to a new Board of Regents report. University of Iowa Athletics came in nearly $5 million under its income budget last year and generated $2.2 million less than the prior year, according to the report. Iowa State University Athletics likewise reported income $2.5 million under budget and generated $5.6 million less than the previous year. And University of Northern Iowa Athletics reported $1 million less income than expected last year, which was down more than $800,000 from the 2019 budget year, according to the new regent report. Fiscal 2020 tuition revenue across the three campuses was $4.4 million under budget and $2.4 million less than the prior year — due in part to enrollment slips and shifts in the student body makeups happening before the pandemic.