Stricter COVID-19 mitigation requirements for Iowans take effect at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday under a proclamation issued today by Gov. Kim Reynolds. 

Among the new measures, the proclamation “orders all employers to evaluate whether any more of their employees can feasibly work remotely and to the extent reasonable, shall take steps to enable such employees to work from home.” The new measures will be in effect through the end of November. 

The proclamation continues the requirements that those attending any social, community, recreational, leisure or sporting gathering must maintain 6-foot distancing from other groups. But it now also requires that those groups are limited to eight people unless the entire group is from the same household. 

Additionally, all these gatherings that occur indoors with more than 25 people, or outdoors with more than 100 people, are prohibited unless all participants over 2 years old wear masks except when eating and drinking. In addition to these distancing and masking requirements, at an indoor youth sporting or recreational gathering, only two spectators are permitted for each youth athlete. 

Customers and employees are also now required to wear masks at salons, barbershops, massage therapy establishments, tattoo establishments, tanning facilities and other establishments providing personal services.  

The proclamation also states: “I continue to strongly encourage all Iowans two or older to wear a mask or other face covering when in public settings, especially in circumstances when it is not possible to remain six feet away from others outside their household, unless it is unsafe to do so because of health or disability.” 

Bars and restaurants continue to be required to ensure 6 feet of physical distance between each group or individual dining or drinking, to ensure all patrons have a seat at a table or bar and consume alcohol or food while seated, and to limit congregating together closer than 6 feet. And a group seated together is now limited to eight people unless the entire group is from the same household. 

Bowling alleys, pool halls, bingo halls, arcades, indoor playgrounds, and children’s play centers are now required to ensure that groups and individuals remain 6 feet apart at the establishment. And groups at those establishments must also be limited to eight people unless the entire group is from the same household.

The full proclamation can be found online here.